#1 Learning management System 🏆

With Trivle you can do a lot in the field of online learning (e-learning) and knowledge sharing. We would like to show you that here. Would you like more information about what Trivle can do for your organization? Please contact us

Student administration

Keep an overview of your students and their progress. This way you know exactly where your students have gone and what they are still having difficulty with.

All data in one place

At a glance you can see whether students have met training requirements, which certificates they have obtained and what they may have struggled with. You can also see how long it takes someone to complete a course, which is useful for Code 95 training, for example.


Trivle includes a messaging module that allows you to easily set up system messages. This allows you to perform API calls on actions that are interesting for your organization. For example, you can let other systems know when a student has completed a training course.

Content studio

With the content studio you can publish teaching material in just a few seconds. All teaching material is immediately available for all devices.

Dynamic content

We believe it is important that learning is fun. We give you the freedom to offer teaching material in different ways. Add YouTube videos or photos, think of fun questions and add nice text: we will do the rest. Trivle ensures that your content is displayed beautifully. You can also offer teaching materials in a PDF, useful for people who prefer a book format.


You have your own media library at your disposal with which you can manage your own media. All images and videos you add are immediately online, ready to use in your teaching materials but also to share with people outside the Trivle platform.



Plan and organize training.

For trainers

Trainers can view which training courses they provide and the progress of their students.

Attendance lists

Automatically generate attendance lists for your training courses to keep track of participant attendance.


You have the option to issue PDF certificates after a course or training. These certificates have a unique QR code to ensure validity.

Your communication is in order

Trivle can automatically send email messages, such as registration emails for students or notifications when a certificate is ready. The system can also automatically send reminder messages during training. You set it up once and then you don't have to worry about it again.

Make it even more beautiful

We understand that your company has its own image and that you want to convey this to your customers. With us you can design the platform according to your own wishes.

Your own environment

You can personalize your own environment completely according to your wishes. Adjust colors and shapes, choose your own font and upload your own logo and images. This is how you impress your students.

Your own style

You can also provide documents and reports such as certificates, attendance lists and training reports with your own template. And you just can't figure it out? Then we will of course be happy to help you.

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